Welcome to the Mini Micro Connection
The company is a private consultancy specializing in shop floor data collection systems with full integration into your existing Enterprise Requirements Planning software. Whether you are using SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Microsoft Great Plains, or other similar products, we can integrate our shop floor solution into your current ERP. We are a cross platform company which means our customers can run their applications on either Windows or Macintosh systems or both, concurrently.

We are also a Qube ERP authorized reseller, providing pre-sales, installation and post sales support. Qube is an excellent choice for the small business wishing to have the shop floor drive the entire business data processing. Modular by design, Qube is the most affordable solution available. Not only is the the initial cost low, but the on-going expenses to keep it operational are among the very lowest in the industry. Be sure to ask us about Qube's competitive upgrade program for Mass90 and Quick Books users.

If your company does not have an Information services department, but still needs data processing services, Qube is for you.

Our Captor Product features a wide range of stationary or tethered shop floor data terminals and some fabulous wireless devices. They include bar code scanners, wands, keypads, weight scales, temperature reading devices and counting devices. Both bluetooth technology utilizing Fuijtsu's Ipad Windows CE device and 900 mhz proprietary technologies are also supported.

Inventory transactions and a full inventory system is available with the Captor Product.

If it's data your looking to capture and report on, the Captor product is for you.

A Superset of our Captor Product is our ITAMS product (Integrated Transaction and Monitoring System). More than simple inventory control, it combines many security elements such as full body metal detectors, digital cameras, and secured pass throughs to allow for unattended tool crib and warehouse operations. It's a full inventory control system with a turbo charged ROI.

We are also a Citrix Certified solution provider. If you are looking for all or part of an ERP solution, or custom programming the Mini Micro Connection help you get there.

Our Approach

Phase 1 - We work with you to analyze your needs and document them. The result can be used as a bidding document if you wish to go out to bid.

Phase 2 - The project is broken into milestones with appropriate budget information.

Phase 3 - We execute the plan. If we run over in any given milestone achievement, we are penalized by charging a substantially reduced rate for time spent. This motivates us to be accurate and not "low ball" our clients.

If the over-all project is with-in budget, any reduced rate billing is re-captured. This keeps us motivated to finish on time and within budget.

Project Showcase

Client: Bryant Racing.
Completed: June, 2000
Location: Anaheim, California, USA

Bryant Racing does one thing: They make precision racing crankshafts for the rich and famous racing teams throughout the world. The process takes anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks. When the Mini Micro Connection was invited to solve their shop floor management problem, they had grown as a company about as far as they could

By installing Captor data capturing terminals in key locations throughout the plant, control of the manufacturing processes improved substantially, and the company was able to almost double in size.

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